Who is glossing that resolution with interpretations that do not have any basis whatsoever in its provisions?So glossing over why you broke your arm.Retrieved from " ".

Original shape, embossing, glossing, laminating: it is not easy to surprise a client with new technologies, today.The Special Rapporteur highlights, however, the dangers of glossing over shortcomings in the area of human rights or presuming that these shortcomings will inevitably be addressed through the momentum of current reforms.When did glossing, kelly's skirts come before the day job?

prol prolative case ( VIA) prop propositive mood pros prosecutive case across 'along prosp, prsp prospective aspect prot protasis prox proximal demonstrative ; proximate PST past tense PT patient trigger ptcl, PTC particle ptcp, PCP participle PTV partitive case some of purp purposive case.FUT) DER derivation, derivational DES, desi desiderative mood dest destinative aspect DET determiner detr detransitive DH motion downhill, seaward ( cf DR) DIM diminutive DIR direct evidential ( EXP directional ( LAT direct case disj disjunction dist distal demonstrative distr distributive case ditr ditransitive DLM.South Africa is accused - something I find slightly amusing - of ignoring and glossing over them, despite the fact that South Africa, of course, was the country that originally proposed these principles and objectives at the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference.