Commercial and other services Often the term "boy" describes positions of the trainee type, such as stable boy (a junior stable hand ).2012, critics Consensus, boy possesses the offbeat charm associated with New Zealand film but is also fully capable of drawing the viewer in emotionally.Retrieved May 5, 2015.

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Venus' often mischievous son Cupid, himself a young god of love which he 'inflicts' on humans by shooting his arrows; in some style periods even multiplied as naked little boys called putti.A happy boyhood; ( also adjective ) boyhood memories.

In such terms as 'city boy' or 'home boy the age notion is at most anachronistic, as they indicate any male who grew up (or by extension lived a long time) in a certain environment.Chris Christie Calls Black Man 'Boy' In Town Hall video".The US (infantry) doughboy, or a specific force,.g.