Constitution require that there be a nexus between the taxing state and the vendor of goods or services, in the form of a physical presence.After the Fiscal Cliff: What do Democrats Want?When those customers are residents of a US state having sales taxes on such goods, the VAT or GST taxes paid might be used as a credit against the amount of use tax otherwise owed, unless excluded, such as in Massachusetts.

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Some US states are also considering a tax amnesty, pursuant to which residents could settle unpaid use taxes and penalties at a discount, but only if the settlement is offered before collection of the tax liability commences.The Streamlined sales tax project is the states' response, by which they are seeking to collect use taxes on remote Internet and catalog sales in lieu of sales taxes.

Travellers need to keep the purchase receipts and visit Customs before leaving the EU to get an export validation stamp.2 Merchants in tax-free New Hampshire regularly advertise to residents of adjacent Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine the benefits of purchasing goods without sales tax, ignoring the fact that there is no general exemption from the use taxes when the goods are taken back home.North Dakota, the Court concluded that the Commerce Clause and Due Process Clause of the.S.