82 of girls are enrolled in secondary education, 8 higher than boys.Explore our current job openings.Country Partnership Framework, new partnership framework will support, thailand s transformation towards an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

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Martial Arts Festival 13-yutthaya, this ceremony is held to honor the practice of Thai kickboxing, known as Muay Thai. The rocket that reaches the greatest height is declared the

Our core values articulate what we care about most.Reforming the Service Sector can further drive growth.

As the aging of Thailands working-age population begins to affect its economy in the next five years, it will be increasingly important for Thailand to harness new engines of growth, in particular the service sector, to take the country from upper-middle to high-income levels, according.These schools are much more expensive to operate and do not generally deliver high quality education.Increasing school autonomy over staff management.