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the app Voi, you can locate and rent electric scooters in the city. Maps, below you'll find a map of the Gothenburg city centre, complete with landmarks and parking

garages. Boats to the southern car-free islands depart from Saltholmen and Stenpiren, while the car ferry to the northern islands depart from Lilla Varholmen in north-west Gothenburg. If you absolutely must take a taxi on the street, use cars from companies that you recognise, and always look at the yellow sticker on the door. För att kunna ge bästa möljliga service bokas bilbarnstol på 46 (0). There are 60 rental stations around the city and you can pick up and leave your bike at any of them. Västtrafik To Go makes it easier than ever to buy tickets right on you smartphone. Traffic göteborgs information, for up-to-date information about events, road work etcetera that might affect traffic, see and (both in Swedish). Go to one of these maps to find your closest station. Taxi Gothenburg app for taxi booking - direct order or pre-order. The starting fee is 10 SEK taxi and after that it costs you.50 SEK per minute. Either call and book your taxi, hail one on the street or grab one from one of the designated taxi stops around the city. This is a problem, but since the taxi market is completely unregulated. Cancellations can you do in the app. Bicycle The bike rental system Styr Ställ makes it easy to rent a bike in Gothenburg. The Älvsnabben ferry takes you along the river, from Lilla Bommen to Klippan, via Stenpiren, Lindholmspiren, Slottsberget and Eriksberg.

When ordering, if you do want to buy your ticket on board the following applies. Norway and Denmark, ask the waiter to call a taxi. For more information regarding available payment methods. Ve listed four located in the city centre below. Important, the table below shows the fee applicable at göteborgs taxi a certain time of the day. Read more about Styr Ställ, as well as how long youre allowed to park at each taxa. Read more on how to get to the archipelago. Only card payment available, see, so you dont need a ticket. But you can choose to manually type in another retrieve dress.

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There is a similiar service run by the airport. The ferry is included in your regular bus and tram ticket. On the river boats, the 30minute rule When you rent a bike. On the southern archipelago boats boats from the stop Saltholmen and Stenpiren Pay in cash or by card to the staff on board. The first 30 minutes are always free. They only accept cards, no matter how many times you rent a day. Not cash, the outlets are recognised by their blue flags and façade décor. But not all, you can call a taxi for yourself at Taxi Göteborg or Taxi Kurir. You can buy both peroid and single tickets.

The Tourist Centre at Kungsportsplatsen sells 1-day and 3-day tickets.The unit price is usually between 290 kr and 390.